COPA releases report acknowledging corruption connected to former CPD Sergeant Ronald Watts

The report also recommends an officer who worked under Watts be fired

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Friday, August 12, 2022
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COPA released a scathing report acknowledging corruption and recommending the firing of an officer who worked under former CPD Sergeant Ronald Watts

CHICAGO (WLS) -- For years, Clarissa Glenn and Deon Willis tried to tell everyone from judges, prosecutors and politicians that they were framed by former Chicago Police Sergeant Ronald Watts.

"It's a shame of where we are from no one would listen and believe us," Glenn said.

Now, 17 years after Glenn was wrongfully convicted on a drug charge, a report from the City of Chicago's Civilian Office of Police Accountability released a scathing report acknowledging the corruption and recommending the firing of an officer who worked under Watts.

"The importance of this report is we have an admission from the city that the allegations that these victims have made for years and years are true," said Joel Flaxman, one of the victim's attorney.

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COPA submitted its report to the Chicago Police Department over a year ago, but the city would not release it publicly until the victims' lawyers filed a Freedom of Information Request.

Watts and one of his officers went to prison after they were convicted of corruption stemming from years of abuse at the Ida B. Wells Housing project.

"They got me twice. They locked me up twice," Willis said.

"They were shaking down people, stealing from people, planting drugs and evidence on people who were not participating in the protection ring," said fellow victim attorney, Jon Loevy. "Many people were victimized -- over 200."

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Over 200 convictions have been overturned that were linked to Watts, including Glenn and Willis.

Glenn, who had a clean record before Watts framed her for drugs, said the trauma of Cook County jail haunts her to this day.

"To be belittled and humiliated, you will never get over that," she said.

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While Watts and another officer were convicted, others on his crew remain on the police force. The city had no comment Friday.