Chicago police officers under investigation for migrant sex allegations, COPA says

Saturday, July 8, 2023
CPD officers accused of sexual misconduct with migrants
Chicago police officers are under investigation for sexual misconduct involving migrant women housed at the 10th District Police Station, sources say

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Multiple Chicago police officers are under an internal investigation involving allegations of officers having sexual interactions with female migrants at a West Side police station, sources said.

This allegedly happened at the 10th District police station in North Lawndale. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, one of the officers has been accused of impregnating a teenage girl.

Both COPA and Internal Affairs are investigating. If the accusations are founded it could result in criminal charges.

Mayor Brandon Johnson's office released a statement saying it is "intensely focused on the deeply troubling allegations of sexual misconduct by a Chicago Police Department Officer against a minor new arrival, and other allegations of sexual misconduct in the Chicago Police Department's 10th District."

COPA released a lengthy statement indicating there are multiple officers under investigation.

Thousands of asylum seekers have been arriving in Chicago since last summer and hundreds have been sleeping on police station floors all across the city.

Up until Friday afternoon, half of the lobby at the 10th District had been the temporary home for a number of migrant families.

"You know, my immediate reaction hearing these allegations is anger and frustration," said 15th Ward Ald. Ray Lopez. "For everything that we're trying to do in this humanitarian crisis, to think that we are possibly making it worse is just outrageous and disheartening for me."

Governor JB Pritzker also called for accountability.

"It's a terrible thing and I hope there's a full investigation as fast as possible and if there's wrongdoing they ought to be held accountable immediately," he said.

One migrant who did not want to be identified said she had no issues at the 10th District.

"My experience with the officers has been with the utmost respect," she said. "I can't say anything bad because the officers are good to me and all my family."

The CEO of a nonprofit group helping migrants at the 10th district said it has not heard from any of them about police misconduct, but said investigators need to get to the bottom of what happened.

"It is just a shameful situation. If we disapprove it, we condemn it. And we have to have accountability for anybody who's above the law," said Netza Roldan, CEO of Binational Institute of Human development.

A protest was held outside the 10th District headquarters Friday evening.

"Migrants don't know their rights. Migrants don't know that they have rights. And these individuals abuse them. So that's why we're here also to support the community but also to be their voice," one protester said.

"These are very heavy, triggering, sensitive allegations and we're trying to get to the bottom of this," said Rosemarie Dominguez, police district councilmember for the 10th District.

CPD has not said if any of the officers have been stripped of their police powers.

Full COPA Statement on investigation

"Yesterday, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) learned of a sexual misconduct allegation involving members of the Chicago Police Department (CPD) assigned to the 10th District and a migrant temporarily housed at the police station. Sexual misconduct investigations may involve criminal actions and require cooperation with CPD and ultimately, the Cook County State's Attorney's Office (CCSAO). Accordingly, COPA immediately notified CPD's Bureau of Internal Affairs (BIA) of these allegations, who then initiated a log, which then formally opened this investigation.

"'While COPA investigators are currently determining whether the facts and details of this allegation are substantiated, we want to assure the public that all allegations of this nature are of the highest priority and COPA will move swiftly to address any misconduct by those involved,' said COPA First Deputy Chief Administrator, Ephraim Eaddy. 'In compliance with the Consent Decree, COPA has jurisdiction to conduct the administrative investigations of sexual misconduct allegations involving Chicago Police officers and we are obligated to demonstrate our commitment to objectivity, integrity, and transparency when responding to misconduct. COPA's purpose and core mission, under the Chicago Municipal Code, is to conduct independent, fact-finding administrative investigations into the most sensitive allegations of police misconduct on behalf of the public.

"This investigation is ongoing, and all information is preliminary. If anyone has information related to this incident, please contact our office at 312-746-3609 or visit "