Decorating early for Christmas? You're not alone

CHICAGO (WLS) -- We could all use something to lift our spirits during the pandemic. Many people are not waiting to put up the festive lights and holiday decorations we usually see after Thanksgiving.

Megan McDonald Paulson usually waits until after Thanksgiving before breaking out the Christmas decorations, but this year is different.

"I just figure with all this talk about skipping over Thanksgiving, why not get Christmas cheer started a little early?" she said.

The Chicago wife and mother isn't alone as she and others like her decide to put up their holiday lights and decorations early in an effort to help combat the emotional discomfort some are feeling during the stressful and painful coronavirus pandemic.

Like usual, Kathy Murr is buying a small Christmas tree, knowing the holidays are anything but normal.

"I just want my house to be festive whether people see it from the outside," Murr said. "Very few come inside, but I'm just kind of doing it for myself."

At a time when many feel helpless and hopeless, some say traditions of the holidays can make things better.

A lot of people are saying that this time is very dark for them and they are looking to do anything they can to lighten it up and bring back a sense of normalcy by celebrating the holidays.

Stores like Home Depot have seen a surge of customers clambering for the objects of Christmas cheer. They're offering more options this year, from an ethnic Santa to all the lights and tinsel you can string.

"People are decorating earlier and decorating more, probably because they have time on their hands," said Brett Goodwin, a sales associate at Home Depot. "People are spreading the holiday cheer by for others to see it a distance."

And as 2020 comes to an end, the show of holiday spirit represents the hope for better days ahead in the new year to come.
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