Sam's Toy Box: Plush-a-palooza

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Friday, December 15, 2023
Sam's Toy Box: Plush-a-palooza
Children love plushy, squishy items-and that's what this edition of Sam's Toy Box is all about.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Children love plushy, squishy items-and that's what this edition of Sam's Toy Box is all about.

Cocomelon Big Bouncer (Bestway)

- Kids will jump for joy when they see the Cocomelon Big Bouncer set up and ready for play time all year round!

- Kids will love the fun watermelon graphics, while parents are sure to love the built-in pump that will inflate and deflate this bouncer in just minutes at the touch of a button.

- The bouncer features mesh sidewalls, so parents will be able to easily keep an eye on the kids as they bounce the day away.

- Not only will kids be having a blast as they play in this bouncer, but they will also be developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

- Kids will learn spatial awareness, build muscles and gain strength as they jump and play.

- Ages: 3+

- MSRP: $84.99

-Available: Target

Sustainably Soft Dolls (Gund)

-GUND's first sustainable collection of baby dolls

- Each doll is sourced from 100% recycled materials, crafted with luxe, ultra-soft recycled plush, fill, and sustainable packaging

- Choose from six dolls, each with embroidered facial details, different hair and skin tones

- Encourages inclusive, safe, and eco-friendly play

- Machine washable

- MSRP: $20

- Ages: 0+

- Available: Amazon,

Bum Bumz (Jazwares)

-Bum Bumz are super-soft, uniquely trendy, collectible 7.5-inch plushies.

- Bum Bumz are diverse and feature multiple characters to choose from for all types of interests such as rock, football, food, and more.

- Ages: 3+

- MSRP: $8.99

- Available: Major Retailers

Snackles Super-Sized Plush (Zuru)

-Snackles is the super soft ultra squeezable plush that comes paired with your favorite mini brands made squishy.

- Each Snackle comes with an origin story comic to tell you how your Snackle fell in love with its snack. Don't go hungry, there's 11 Super Sized Snackles to collect.

-Super Sized Snackles are 14 inches in size and made from soft and squishy plush.

-Find out how your Snackle fell in love with their favorite snack through a cute comic strip!

- Ages: 3+

-MSRP: $19.99

-Available: Amazon, Target

Bumpas (Bumpas)

-Bumpas stuffed animals are always by kids' side to love, hug and protect them; the super soft and cuddly plushies' hands form a heart to show unconditional love.

- This interactive toy's arms are perfectly sized to give realistic hugs.

- With eyes in the back of Bumpas' head to keep watch as kids slumber or snuggle, the cuddle toy hugs while watching.

- These 2.5-pound weighted plush create deep pressure stimulation to help promote a sense of security, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and create a calming effect.

- Kids can choose from four Bumpas patent pending characters: creative and quirky Shin Shin, daring and adventurous Zeek, gentle and soulful Oz and cheery and encouraging Lucky.

- Ages: 3+

- MSRP: $34.99

- Available: Amazon, FAO Schwarz

Care Bears Sequin Cheer Bear (Basic Fun!)

-The happiest Care Bear around is ready to dazzle the world like never before - with the new limited edition Care Bears Cheer Bear sequin medium plush!

- Featuring a glittery rainbow belly badge and vibrant rainbow sequins that sparkle and shine, this exclusive plush is a collector's dream.

- She's only available for a limited time - don't miss out on the chance to take home this unique and beautiful Cheer Bear plush!

- Ages: 4+

- MSRP: $29.99

- Available: Amazon

Cry Babies Newborn (IMC Toys)

-Introducing the all new Cry Babies Newborn baby doll.

- Watch as kids become parents to their doll and learn how to care for and nurture their newborn with the six included surprises and accessories.

- Kids can wear the interactive bracelet and the doll will recognize the child as their parent, which calms her down when she's crying, and makes her laugh and blush.

- Coney and Molly cry real tears and will also calm down when given their paci.

- When it's time for bed, lay her down and watch as her rock-a-bye eyes close and she falls asleep!

- Ages:18MOS+

- MSRP: $34.99

- Available: Amazon, Target, Walmart

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