'We're here to manicure this food garden for the community,' Little Village volunteers help clean up, renovate food gardens

ByYukare Nakayama WLS logo
Tuesday, August 4, 2020
Little Village volunteers renovate food gardens in areas in need of fresh food
About a dozen Little Village volunteers from the Little Village Local organization, are cleaning up food gardens on the West Side

CHICAGO,IL (WLS) -- Nearly a dozen volunteers spent their Friday morning restructuring the MLK District Garden located in North Lawndale. These volunteers, based from Little Village, said it's their way of insuring food security in areas that are in need.

"We're focused on creating spaces like this for workshops and growing food and other activities for the younger generation," said Julio Anaya.

Anaya is a part of a community based group called Little Village Local, where aside from gathering neighbors to clean and renovate community gardens, they also promote bands from Little Village and Pilsen.

Edward Muldrow, owner of Del-Kar Pharmacy just across the street, is also one of the food garden founders. He said it's all hands on deck when it comes to keeping the garden going.

"The only way to invest in the community is people have to see other people trying to do something positive within their community," said Muldrow.

Muldrow said the once-abandoned lot and eye-sore inspired him to create the garden while offering his neighborhood more fresh and nutritious food. North Lawndale has long been considered a food desert.

"Lets the gardens grow and if the capital investments come behind- great, but right now let's start off with a seed," said Muldrow.

Anaya and Little Village local will continue renovating food gardens across the west side until the end of the summer.