Dad writes special message to wife and newborn he couldn't visit due to COVID-19 hospital restrictions

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Saturday, June 20, 2020
Dad sends special message to newborn, wife outside hospital
"God bless our Jared. We love you."💗 Hospital restrictions due to COVID-19 didn't stop this dad from supporting his wife and newborn son.

HOUSTON, Texas -- Martín Montes and Janie Guerra only had their newborn son Jared home for 12 hours, when they realized something was wrong. Their son wasn't eating and he looked yellow.

They brought him to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, Texas, and doctors immediately went to work to treat him. But Martín wasn't able to be there because of COVID-19 visitor restrictions.

As Janie spent every moment with Jared, Martín wanted to be there in spirit. The new father said he looked his wife in the eye and told her, "You've got this, and I will be supporting you no matter what."

One of the days during Janie's hospital stay, Martín told her to bring the baby close to the window and look down.

There he was with his parents outside the hospital carrying signs that read, "God bless our Jared. We love you."

Two weeks later, Martín was able to hold and kiss his healthy son.

He said this situation taught them more about faith and family.