Amazing kids: COVID-19 pandemic heroes

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Heroes come in all sizes. These kids showed that a big giving spirit can't be contained by small bodies.

Hayley Orlinsky, a 7-year-old Jefferson Park native, began thinking about how she could do her part during the pandemic. She decided to use her artistic skills making bracelets to raise money to support hospital workers during this trying time.

Also in support of hospitals, 12-year-old Ryan Feinstein created and sold yard signs in his neighborhood of Northbrook to raise money for ventilators.

Giovanni Alonzo, a 10-year-old Garfield Ridge fourth grader, also decided to do his part to help those serving on the front lines. He put his tech skills and love of computers to work and created mask bands that would help take the pressure off the ears when individuals wear facemasks.

Now, it's not just hospitals that require assistance; small businesses are feeling the pandemic as well. Jane Temple, a 10-year-old Naperville native, decided to use her green thumb creating fairy-themed flower baskets to raise money for struggling businesses. For these stories and more like them, check out
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