COVID vaccine booster shot: What you need to know

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Internal specialist Dr. Douglas Tran, from Edward-Elmhurst Health, stopped by Windy City Weekend Friday to fill us in on who needs to rush out and get a COVID-19 booster shot, and lets us know if vaccine mandates are best to keep infection rates down.

When asked if the mandates are the right decision, Dr. Tran said, "the unfortunate aspect is 30% of our country is not vaccinated. We probably need to get to about 90% to try and help stop this pandemic."

When it comes to the booster shots, Dr. Tran said the only people that should be looking for the booster shot are the immunocompromised. "There is no reason to panic and rush out and get your third vaccine. The vaccines are effective and working."

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For those that do need to get the booster shot, Dr. Tran did say that mixing and matching vaccines with a booster shot "is not scientifically appropriate."

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