Michigan dad fends off gunman while carrying sleeping baby: VIDEO

DETORIT, Mich. -- A Michigan dad had an unforgettable Father's Day as he fought to protect his 7-month-old baby from a man with a gun, and it was all caught on video!

That baby is safe and police have taken a person of interest into custody.

A clerk said the man came running in with a baby in his arms and said he was trying to hide.

"It's just upsetting. It's difficult to watch. I mean, it's just no regard for human life or for the life of a child," said Detroit Police Commander Michael Chambers.

The gun jamming or somehow malfunctioning is what may have saved this father's life and that of his young baby when Detroit police say a man tried to open fire on them inside a Valero gas station earlier this month.

"The father quickly, once he observed it, lifted his arm up and fortunately pushed the gun away. He was able to get him outside of the gas station and lock the door," Cmdr. Chambers said.

Police said this is a felonious assault and they released this surveillance video in hopes that someone seeing it could help identify the would-be shooter. In the video, you can see as he approaches the gas station in his white tank top, tan bucket hat and long khaki shorts.

What you don't see, until he's opening the door of the gas station, is the gun he had tucked in his pants. Police said he was after the man holding the baby, who the clerk says had just run inside to hide.

"He runs to hide in the gas station but he followed him," said Adam Albarmaki, the gas station clerk.

The dad manages to push the gun away, thankfully he and his baby were not shot.

"We are asking that the public, if they are able to or they know this individual, to call a 1-900-SPEAK-UP," Cmdr. Chambers said.

Then Tuesday afternoon, just a few blocks away, Detroit police took a person of interest into custody. They also obtained a search warrant to look for the gun involved.

However, as for a motive, Detroit police said the men had just had some sort of dispute.

"He had accounted this individual appears they had some type of argument unknown at this time, we still are early in the investigation and trying to work backward," Cmdr. Chambers said.

Before running into the gas station, the man with the baby sustained some sort of injury to his arm, possibly stabbed or cut, WXYZ reported.

"It's definitely upsetting and disturbing to watch that when you look at that video, especially on Father's Day," Cmdr. Chambers said.