How to adjust after Daylight Saving Time start

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Daylight Saving Time can shake up your sleep schedule for days, even if you tried getting extra sleep the night before the clocks sprung forward.

Dr. Sabra Abbott, a neurologist and assistant professor at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine, explained why:

1. We experienced "an hour of sleep deprivation on Saturday."
2. Moving the clock forward is always harder than falling back.
3. Mondays are usually rough after the weekend.

She said this grogginess can last for about a week.

Abbott added that there are more serious risks at this time of year. She said there are more heart attacks, strokes and car accidents the Monday after Daylight Saving Time begins.

So what can you do to get back on track faster? Dr. Abbott has some tips:

1. Expose yourself to bright light as soon as you wake up.
2. Eat meals "based on the new clock time instead of when you feel hungry, which may be a little bit later."
3. Go to bed at the time you normally would try to sleep. "Even though you may not feel tired at the time you should be going to bed, still go to bed."

Good luck everyone!
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