Democrats expected to advance 2016 budget plan

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Madigan says Dems to pass Illinois budget for Gov. Rauner to balance
The Illinois budget battle is heating up between Republican Governor Bruce Rauner and Democratic House Speaker Mike Madigan.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- Democrats in the Illinois Legislature are expected to advance a 2016 budget proposal on Tuesday that Republicans are criticizing as unbalanced.

House Speaker Michael Madigan says Democrats are looking to Gov. Bruce Rauner to help them pass a tax increase to make up the more than $3 billion difference in the $36.3 billion spending plan he announced Monday Democrats were crafting.

Madigan calls the proposed budget a "more balanced approach" that protects vulnerable and middle-class residents.

But GOP Gov. Rauner says he wants some of his legislative agenda approved first before he consents to raising taxes.

Rauner's spokesman calls Democrats' plan a "broken" budget.

Illinois faces an approximately $6 billion deficit in the budget year that begins July 1.