'Fences' star Stephen McKinley-Henderson has special connection to Chicago

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Denzel Washington's troubled character in "Fences" has a best pal, played by Stephen McKinley-Henderson. They also performed the roles in a Broadway production of the August Wilson classic.

Henderson, who has a special connection to Chicago, was just in town with "Fences" co-star Jovan Adepo.

"First time I was here was junior high school. I won a contest - a paper boy contest. I grew up in Kansas City, Kan. The prize was getting a trip to Chicago in the middle of winter. It was great. I really, really... that's when I knew I had to go. I had to get out of Kansas City, because that was something," he said. "Chicago has always been a good omen on me. I was nominated for a Jeff Award back at the Wisdom Bridge in that theater building. Then I came back with the Goodman and did 'Jitney' with August (in 1999). It's always been a really great touchstone for me, Chicago!"
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