Want to eat less? Use a smaller plate

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Monday, September 14, 2015

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Looking for a way to eat less? Science says it's simpler than you think: just use a smaller plate.

A team of researchers in the United Kingdom says using a smaller plate may be a simple way to control portion size, says ABC Senior Medical Corrospondant Timothy Johnson.

The researchers reviewed more than 100 studies to see if using smaller plates and smaller glasses got people to eat less. When people given larger or smaller plates were told to eat "whatever you want," time and time again, those who got smaller plates ate less. Same goes for glasses of alcoholic beverages.

What this study didn't tell us is whether these people went on to lose more weight or live a healthier life overall. But what it does suggest is that changing the way portions are presented, whether it's how industries package food or the way we pack our kids' lunches, has a big impact on our eating habits.

So next time you have dinner, try grabbing the smaller plate instead. It might give you a smaller waistline as well.