Ay Chihuahua! Dog found packed in luggage at LaGuardia

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Friday, March 6, 2015

QUEENS, NY -- Ay Chihuahua!

A black hard-sided suitcase triggered an alarm at LaGuardia Airport Tuesday morning that required a TSA officer to open the luggage to inspect its contents.

Imagine the TSA officer's surprise when he opened the suitcase to find beige and brown Chihuahua staring back up at him.

The Transit Security Administration worked with the airline to locate the traveler and reunite her with her dog.

The dog's owner was just as surprised as the officer who found it.

The woman said that the dog must have climbed into the suitcase and curled up in the clothing while she was packing for her trip. She had no idea the little pup had crawled in.

The woman called her husband, who came to the airport to pick up the pooch and bring it back home.