Dog training tips from Aurora Hounds Town USA

AURORA, Ill. (WLS) -- Many families get new pets around the holidays and it can be an adjustment getting used to that new family member.

Karen Pauly from Aurora Hounds Town USA joined ABC7 to talk about some easy dog training tips.

Set boundaries. Any behavior you allow your dog to engage in like getting up on the sofa, eliminating on the carpet, or chewing on table legs. If you establish your dog's boundaries early, you won't have an uphill battle with training later.

-Set a Schedule. Dogs thrive on routine, and a pup who has spent time in a shelter may have been stressed by the unpredictability. By establishing a set routine for feeding, walking, playtime, and bedtime, you provide stability for your dog from day one.

-Plan on crate training. Crates are helpful because they give dogs a place of their own. Your dog may be overwhelmed coming into your home from the shelter, and having a place to retreat to when it feels stressed can help your dog settle.

-Show patience and love. Not every dog in a shelter had a traumatic past and not all of them were properly trained or socialized. Always approach each situation as a blank slate waiting for your direction, training, and love.
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