Trump 2024: IL election board decides former president will stay on primary ballot

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Tuesday, January 30, 2024
Illinois board decides Trump will stay on primary ballot
There is Donald Trump news today. The Illinois election board considered Tuesday whether to kick the former president off the state's ballot.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- At the heart of the effort to keep former President Donald Trump off the ballot was the argument that he participated in an insurrection at the Capitol, a violation of the Constitution.

"Because of that largely unrebutted conduct, the candidate is disqualified to run for the office of president," said Matt Piers, an attorney for Trump objectors.

But the objectors were facing an uphill battle at this hearing. The general counsel for the Illinois Board of Elections had already agreed with a previous recommendation that the claim should be dismissed.

Trump's attorney reiterated their assertions that he did not take part in an insurrection, and argued the board didn't have the power to rule on that issue anyway.

"Section 10-10 simply does not give the board the authority to weigh into complicated federal constitutional issues," said Trump attorney Adam Merrill.

The board unanimously voted to dismiss the objection and allow Trump to stay on the ballot, but not without a surprising comment from one board member before the vote.

"This Republican believes there was an insurrection on January 6th. There's no doubt in my mind," said board member Catherine McCrory.

After the hearing, the objectors' attorneys expressed disappointment at the ruling, promising a swift appeal.

"The board has repeatedly ruled on constitutional questions with regard to presidential candidates including Marco Rubio, including Barack Obama. What's happened here is an avoidance of a hot potato issue," Piers said.

Caryn Lederer is another attorney for the objectors.

"This this is a very controversial case, and so we expected that it would be resolved on appeal, and that's where we're headed," Lederer said.

Trump's attorney is ready for the next fight.

"The campaign is obviously pleased with the result, and we'll be issuing a statement, but we commend the board, the general counsel and staff and the hearing officer for their efforts," Merrill said.