President Trump tweets picture of himself as 'Rocky'

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Social media is confused by President Donald Trump's unusual tweet.

The image shows the president in a boxing ring as Rocky, without a shirt, wearing a gold belt.

The president's face is superimposed over Rocky Balboa's face from the movie "Rocky."

President Trump tweeted the message on Wednesday, leaving many on social asking: what does this mean?

One person tweeted, "is this real life?"

"Best tweet ever. Liberal heads are exploding everywhere. I love it," tweeted another user.

"Donald please I just got my wife back!," wrote another person.

Other comments include:

"Is this doctored?"

"I'm embarrassed at how hard this stuff makes me laugh."

"This is your best tweet yet."

"Should have put a warning on this #iwasntReady".

President Trump didn't tweet an explanation along with the photo, leaving many to speculate.

"Is this really how you see yourself lmaoooo," read another tweet.
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