Spanish teacher calls himself the Beyoncé of Bellaire High School

BELLAIRE, Texas -- Dr. Trevor Boffone is the Beyoncé of Bellaire High School in the Houston area.

He has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram - all because of his viral dance moves in the classroom.

Dr. Boffone wanted a way to connect with his students and asked them to teach him some dance moves like the ones seen on Dubsmash and TikTok.

And in just six weeks, he racked up 50,000 followers. Now he has millions of views and followers around the country!

"We're in class and he'll be like, 'If you finish your work on time and do it right, then you can go and dance.' And that just motivates us to get our work done," a student said.

Dr. Boffone said he loves what this unique teaching tactic has done to his students and the pride they have when they come to class.