Elephant seal visits gas station in Victoria, Australia

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Monday, January 23, 2023
Elephant seal checks out gas station in Australia
Why did the seal cross the road? To see what was going on at the gas station, obviously.

VICTORIA, Australia. (WLS) -- Why did the seal cross the road? To get to the gas station, of course.

A male southern elephant seal recently drew a large crowd at a gas station in Victoria, Australia.

But lest you think he was just there to visit, the seal also mashed out two windows at the BP station.

Seals live in the ocean, but are able to be on land for long periods of time.

Wildlife workers were eventually able to guide the massive mammal back to sea.

Local Australian news reports said residents believe the visitor may have been a popular local seal named Henry, but other disputed that claim, saying Henry hasn't been sighted in 10 years.