'How To Get Away With Murder' star, Chicago native Rome Flynn releases new music

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Rome Flynn is an actor and musical artist who grew up right here in Chicago. He just wrapped up his role on ABC's "How To Get Away With Murder."

It's called "Keep Me In Mind," and Rome Flynn sings it just for you!

"I feltlike people could identify with it that was also personal for me, it would be this intimate thing I could share with multiple people at the same time," Flynn said. "The thing about with acting I get to hide behind a character and make mistakes and I get to live through another lens.
The thing about music is I don't really have that shield of anonymous and it's really revealing, revealing and I get vulnerable sometimes.

Flynn also discussed the experience of working with Viola Davis.

"It impacted me immensely as an artist and as a person," he said. "She just has such a humility and such a giving spirit, especially on screen."

Flynn and his family struggled through some hard times in some tough areas of Chicago.

"The creative process is a process that comes during tribulation that comes during life experience, and I think all of that intertwined with my perspective on life that allowed me to step into these characters and to see things from their point of view," he said.

Rome's first role was in "Drumline: A New Beat," the sequel to a movie that inspired him to join the school band.

He hijacked his first recital with an improvised solo.

"I started to play and after everyone stopped I kept going," he said. "I think that was the first time I experienced wanting to be in the opening, be in the spotlight and be different."

Rome comes back to Chicago a few times a year to see grandma.

"I just pull up on her, she just gets so happy when she sees me," Flynn said. "I don't go to Chicago for much anything else."
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