Magician Nate Staniforth

CHICAGO -- Magician Nate Staniforth has been referred to as the 'Bob Dylan of Magic' and he stopped by to show us what tricks he has up his sleeve!

Nate is a magician, writer, traveler, and former host of the Discovery Channel's international hit TV series Breaking Magic. In 2014 Nate became the second magician in history to address the Oxford Union Society in the United Kingdom (the first was David Blaine) with his speech about the experience of wonder, and he spoke at Mayo Clinic's world famous TRANSFORM conference about the intersection of magic and medicine. Nate's memoir Here is Real Magic will be released this year in bookstores worldwide. In 2009 Nate traveled extensively through Southeast Asia and India to learn about the traditions of magic in those cultures, studying with shaman, witch doctors, street performers, and anyone who could help him learn more about the traditional roots of his craft. These lessons, combined with his experiences on the road in America, led to his TED Talk titled "Creating Astonishment" that outlines his direct, no-frills approach to magic.

You can catch Nate in 'The Real Magic Tour' at SPACE in Evanston throughout April.

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