Travolta, Preston discuss playing husband and wife in 'Gotti'

Friday, June 15, 2018
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Real-life husband and wife John Travolta and Kelly Preston played John and Victoria Gotti in the new film, "Gotti."

In the new movie "Gotti," real-life spouses John Travolta and Kelly Preston play notorious crime boss John Gotti and his wife, Victoria Gotti.

The Gotti family gave Travolta and Preston unprecedented access to their home and history, even allowing them to borrow clothes and keepsakes.

"His jewelry, his handkerchiefs, his overcoat that still had his cologne scent on it, and that was a big deal for them," Travolta said. "Those personal effects were not easily gotten."

"She gave me her jewelry to wear, a ring that John had given her, a wedding ring," Preston said. "It was really, as an actor, very special."

The film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, and Travolta and Preston took their children onto the red carpet.

"It was a highlight for me as a father and a husband to see everybody, the four of us, and everybody cared about how they looked," Travolta said.

"And to get my son, our son, to dress up - forget about it," Preston said.