Day after tornado, spirit of rebuilding emerges in Fairdale IL

FAIRDALE, Ill. (WLS) -- Bernice Jacobs is a very lucky woman. Although her Fairdale home sustained damage, it is still standing - and she is ready to pick up the pieces.

Jacobs and her 3-year-old granddaughter said they were listening to the storm Thursday night when the wind became eerily quiet outside. Jacobs said when she heard a loud gust of wind, she, her son and granddaughter rushed down to the basement.

A sliding glass door flying through the air narrowly missed them before shattering.

Jacobs said when they came up out of the basement, she wasn't sure they would still have a house. Fortunately, she only lost her garage.

"We are very lucky compared to the west side of town. It's gone. There's nothing," Jacobs said.

Regarding the small town's ability to build their town back up, Jacobs said it would depend heavily on whether residents insured their homes.

A sign saying "Welcome to Fairdale" was blown down into the mud during the storm. ABC7's Paul Meinke said someone stood it right back up on Friday, with an American flag erected behind it.

He said there is already a spirit of rebuilding in Fairdale, even though they have a long way to go.
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