Farm delivery website aims to help local farmers during COVID19 pandemic

ByYukare Nakayama WLS logo
Wednesday, May 27, 2020
A farm delivery website aims to help farmers and customers receive fresh produce
Two friends, David Pham and Jason Curesco, created the Farms That Are Delivering website to help local farmers in Illinois and beyond with business.

CHICAGO,IL (WLS) -- The COVID19 pandemic has been felt by nearly every single industry around the country, especially the agricultural industry. That's the reason why friends, David Pham and Chicago native Jason Curescu, created the website called Farms That Are Delivering.

"Farms happen to have a healthy supply of meat and produce and they're having troubles finding customers, why don't we create a database to you know connect the two," said Pham.

The website is a search engine database that makes it easier for people in Illinois and beyond find local farmers that deliver straight to their doors. The website includes filters that narrow what customers are looking for. So far, it includes over 200 farms in over four states.

The website has only been up for a little over three weeks and one local farmer shared its already been a big help.

"It has been crazy busy," said Patti Szaflarski, owner of Patti Produce.

Szaflarski has been growing seasonal fruits and vegetables since 2013 and delivering them straight to people's doorsteps.

The farmer said in the last weeks she's seen a spike in her business saying it could be a result of her delivery service as well as the farm delivery database.

"It's very hard to get found you know, what do you google. Local farms I guess, you know. Now they have something that will show up you know, if im on it, other people will be on it and it will only help that would be wonderful," said Szaflarski.

For more information, visit the website