Fr. Pfleger leads rally against 'bad apple' gun dealers

RIVERDALE, Ill. (WLS) -- A march and rally helped launch a new effort Saturday to cut down on gun crimes by going after so-called "bad apple" gun dealers.

Dozens of protestors and advocates joined with members of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence outside Chuck's Gun Shop in south suburban Riverdale. They say Chuck's is one of the "bad apples" responsible for selling guns used in crimes.

Father Michael Pfleger was among the protestors. He fired back after the Illinois State Rifle Association compared him to a terrorist group.

"You can hate on me, you can threaten me, you can write emails, you can even so be lowdown that you can connect me with ISIS, but I'm the one trying to make the city streets safe," Fr. Pfleger said.

"Eight percent of the guns that are recovered in crimes in Chicago, almost one in ten are traceable to that place," said Dan Gross, President, Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Dozens of others including members of the National Rifle Association and the Illinois State Rifle Association turned out for a counter protest.
"The legal business owners, the legal citizens are not responsible for any illegal activity here," Rhonda Ezel, Illinois State Rifle Association and NRA member.

The new campaign from the Brady Center includes a petition drive, a code of conduct for responsible gun sales, and lawsuits to hold gun dealers accountable when they sell guns to criminals.

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