FBI recruiting tech specialists for cybersecurity jobs

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The FBI is looking for "tech talent" to help protect the United States from cyber-based attacks and other technology crimes.

The search is nationwide.

The FBI is recruiting cyber experts as special agents, computer scientists, or information technology forensic examiners. They're also hiring for their cyber internship program.

Qualifications include work history and educational backgrounds in a tech-specific field.

"We're looking for folks who are technically inclined, and by technical we mean an emphasis on math, science and engineering backgrounds," Special Agent in Charge Malcolm Palmore said.

Relevant fields included computer science, computer security and network technology, he said.

Applicants will also have to pass an FBI background check, and Palmore said the bureau is not looking for white-hat hackers.

"We're looking for the same cadre of people that we've always looked for, which primarily are folks that can pass an FBI background investigation," Palmore said. "We're not changing any of our hiring standards."

Cybersecurity has been a point of focus in national news media since Sony Pictures Entertainment altered its plans for the release of the film "The Interview," starring actors Seth Rogen and James Franco, after reports emerged that hackers from North Korea may have compromised the Japanese corporation.

Monday also saw a compromise of social media accounts belonging to the United States military's Central Command, known as CENTCOM.

The hack occurred during a speech from President Obama about bolstering cybersecurity measures, according to media reports.

"You would think the timing is completely related to what's in the news right now, but it's not," Palmore said. "The FBI for many years has been re-tooling and re-gauging it's work force."

"The Sony thing, if anything, is the exclamation point on efforts that have been underway for years," Palmore said.

Eligibility is limited to United States citizens. More information about job requirements and employment opportunities can be found online at http://www.fbijobs.gov/cybercareers.