The latest harrowing images of the Ferguson protests

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Monday, August 18, 2014
  • A protester being detained by police on Monday, August 18th in Ferguson.
  • A man trying to recover from tear gas on August 18th.
  • A woman holds up her hands while looking at protesters.
  • A masked man standing in the street during Monday night's protests in Ferguson.
  • Police advancing to clear protesters on August 18th.
  • A man holds his arms in the air after a standoff with police.
  • A man being detained during a standoff with police on August 18th.
  • Tear gas being deployed in Ferguson.
  • A man standing in front of police during a protest.
  • Protesters walking through a cloud of tear gas.
  • People marching down the street following a standoff with police.
  • Police taking their positions after being shot at by protesters on Monday, August 18th.
  • Police waiting to advance after tear gas was used to disperse a group of protesters.
  • People protesting in the streets.
  • A law enforcement official watches from a tactical vehicle after dispersing a crowd.
  • People defying curfew before tear smoke and tear gas was fired.
  • A man walking through the street after tear gas was fired.
  • A protester standing in the street after tear gas was fired to disperse a crowd.
  • A man sits outside a McDonald's recovering from tear gas.
  • A protester wearing a police hat with "Murderer" written on its brim.
  • Police advance after using tear gas.
  • People running from tear gas fired by police.
  • A woman recovers after being hit by tear gas fired by police.
  • An officer reloads his weapon after firing.
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A protester being detained by police on Monday, August 18th in Ferguson.
Charlie Riedel / AP

The protests over the shooting of Michael Brown reached even more violent extremes Sunday night, as protesters allegedly fired rounds at police before being met by a barrage of tear gas from officers. Even journalists were attacked by police officers, with many hit by tear gas while covering the event. And as the protests rage on, rioting and looting continues to occur around the city, with many stores and restaurants being the subject to arson and theft.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon says no curfew will be in place early Tuesday morning in Ferguson, and the National Guard keeping watch there will have immediate and limited" responsibilities.

Nixon ordered the National Guard into the St. Louis suburb following another night of rioting, more than a week after a Ferguson police officer fatally shot 18-year-old Michael Brown.

In a statement Monday, Nixon said Missouri National Guard Brigadier General Gregory Mason will oversee Guard operations in Ferguson under the overall command of the state highway patrol. He says the Guard's limited role will be to provide protection and ensure the safety of the police command center that was believed to be targeted Sunday night.

Check out the gallery above to see raw images of the Ferguson protests on Sunday.

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