Couples go on fantasy dates on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

ByJennifer Matarese WLS logo
Tuesday, September 6, 2016

NEW YORK -- Believe it or not, this is the last week of "Bachelor in Paradise" for the summer! It's a two-part finale, so fear not. Nick and Jen talked about how he apparently is holding back still. He told her that it's not because of Andi and Kaitlyn and Jen said that she feels that is the exact reason.

Tiara, the chicken enthusiast, showed up in "Paradise" to see if she could shake any of these stable couples. Nick sat down with Tiara and chatted with her. He convinced Tiara to give the date card to him and Jen. Poor Tiara has no shot now!

Nick and Jen went to a carnival where they played some games and even went on a few rides. They visited a fortune teller who did a tarot card reading. Nick is worried that his walls might be there because their relationship might not be meant to be. The cards said it could be a rough beginning and advice was for her not to give more than she receives. Nick's cards showed that he has one foot in and one foot out. Wow, pretty accurate. Afterwards, they talked about their feelings and it seemed like they were on the same page. Jen feels like she is falling for him.

Back at the beach Lauren told Brett that she wants to see where things go with him and she's excited about their relationship! Brett agreed to "make the most" of their time together. So Brett walked off and spoke to Izzy about where he stands. He told Izzy that he has a better connection with Lauren than her. Izzy said that she should go and wished Brett luck. She started to cry and went and packed her bags. She cried to the other ladies that she wants to go try to get Vinny back and said that she misses everything she had with him. With that, she rolled her luggage across the beach as Evan yelled, "Go get your Vinny!" To which she replied, "I'm in it to Vin it!" Ew. As the SUV drove away, Izzy called Vinny on the phone. He had no idea who it was, and asked, "Who is this?" Once that was clarified, she asked him if it could be "like a fairytale" and if she could get on a plane and head to Florida. He told her that she's too shallow and that his feelings left and that he can't come back from that. She said "OK" and hung up the phone. She cried so much as the van drove on. Izzy started to have an anxiety attack and the producer had to talk her through it. They actually had to stop so she could throw up on the side of the road. The poor girl!

Tiara sat around eating and hanging out on the beach since there was no one there for her. At least she has some time to vacation! The fight over Wells between Jami, Ashley and Sushanna continued. But, it turned into a two-way race after Sushanna decided that she'd had enough of fighting for a guy. She's the one that guys chase after...apparently. So she packed her bags and left.

Then it was time for the rose ceremony and the results were as follows:

Josh - Amanda

Nick - Jen

Grant - Lace

Evan - Carly

Brett decided not to give his rose out to Lauren in a true "slap in the face" fashion by saying that he didn't feel that "spark" and he decided to call it quits and go home. He didn't want to have to break up with her in or after the fantasy suite so he did do the right thing.

Wells - Ashley

That sent Lauren, Jami, and Tiara packing.

The next day, Chris Harrison congratulated the remaining five couples and asked them to go off and have a serious conversation about what they want after this experience. He said that after that, a fantasy date followed by a fantasy suite would be waiting for them. Wells wondered if he could go through with sleeping with Ashley. Meantime, Ashley seemed to be looking forward to some "alone time" with Wells. Then there was something you don't see all that often, Wells and a group of guys figuring out a way for him not have sex with her.

Wells and Ashley went for a talk and he talked about their instant connection and they talked about how they aren't in love yet or ready to get engaged. He told her that going in the fantasy suite is against his character and he thinks hers too. Wells said that he "can't say something is that isn't." Oh no, poor Ashley. Cue the tears. He told her that he has to leave because he doesn't feel ready for everything that the show is putting on them. He asked her for a hug, she asked him if he was sure, gave him a kiss and said "bye."

Ashley ran off crying into the girls' room and said that it sucks because she was looking forward to their date so much. She cried and hugged the girls, packed her bags, and drove off. Grant even said, "Poor Ashley, aww man," as he saw Ashley leave. Carly meantime, was paranoid that she would get dumped again, just like she did last season. That doesn't seem to be a risk with the very enthusiastic Evan though.

Then it was time for the final dates! Grace and Lace were up first. They went to the town to explore, take pictures, and buy souvenirs. The bought bracelets that said "Grace" because it's their two names combined. Amazingly, they decided to take it to the next level and walked into the tattoo shop! They got "Grace" tattooed on their wrists! She had a momentary freak out, but she eventually went through with it. Grant thought that Lace enduring the pain of a tattoo was finally the reassurance he needed that she was dedicated to him.

Meantime, Jen and Nick went out on a surfing date. It started by them watching a guy actually surfing with his dog! They did the best they could but they fell down a lot! Jen said that she is in love with Nick and she wants him to verbalize his feelings towards her.

Carly and Evan met up with a woman who took off her clothes and went topless to do some body painting on a huge sheet with them. They covered each other's bodies in paint and rolled on a sheet. Once they were done, they showered off and did some kissing while they were still covered in paint.

Amanda and Josh went into the town to play soccer with some local children. This should give Amanda some insight into how he acts and deals with children as Amanda has two little girls at home. He said that he absolutely wants kids and wants kids of his own too.

After the day dates, the couples headed off to dinner. Carly and Evan talked about their time on the show and how she's looking forward to meeting his children. She thanked him for sacrificing their time with them to be with her. He told her he loved her and she told him that she loved him too. Carly told him that she'd wanted to say it for a really long time. Carly said that she's never been this happy and she's found her person! She even said that she would say yes if he proposed.

Jen asked Nick during their dinner what he thinks about long-distance since she lives in Florida. He said it terrifies him but he cares about her and she means a lot to him. They planned to use "the night" to figure out their relationship.

Grant and Lace talked about how amazing it was that they got tattoos. Lace really wants him to know that she's the one for him and that she truly loves him. She finally told him once they were inside the fantasy suite. They were on a high and couldn't wait for some alone time together. She said that she can't wait for him to propose to her. She's pretty confident isn't she?!

Amanda should have her kids show up and show him what it's really going to be like at dinner time if they stay together! But, instead they had a romantic time. They later talked about how he could fit into her life and how he's so excited to meet her children. He seems very convinced that he's completely ready to take on family life. Cue the kissing and moaning.

Don't miss the big finale, complete with proposals, tomorrow night!