Considering babysitting candidates can be stressful; here are some tips

Many couples are restarting date nights as COVID-19 restrictions ease; College Nannies and Sitters can be helpful

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Sunday, June 5, 2022
What to consider when looking at new babysitters
Finding a sitter may prove challenging.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Sitters are now in high demand as parents restart date nights, after two years of the pandemic. For new parents, this might be the first time they've hired a babysitter.

However, finding a sitter may prove challenging. Laura Horwitz, from College Nannies and Sitters, said the babysitting industry, like many other industries, is currently experience a labor shortage. But that doesn't mean it's impossible to find the right sitter - you just need to give yourself ample time to find someone.

When it comes to starting the process of finding a babysitter, begin with a trusted source, Horwitz said. Start by looking at the community around you - your church, neighborhood or workplace. Checking with family and friends who may have kids in high school is a great idea! You can also turn to services like College Nannies and Sitters to help vet and match with babysitters in your area.

To make sure you hire the best sitter for your child, treat the process like a job interview. Talk to the potential sitter ahead of time and ask them about their experience and what they would do in certain situations.

New parents, if you're nervous about leaving your baby with a sitter for the first time, ease into it. Start with a short date, where you're only gone for an hour or two. If your child is a little older, start talking ahead of time about having a babysitter so your child is not surprised or caught off guard.

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If it's possible, you can also have a new babysitter come over or do a virtual meeting ahead of the day to spend some time getting to know your child. If that's not possible, you can have them come over early to start doing activities together before you leave. Have some fun activities planned, such as a new activity that your child can do with their babysitter, so your child looks forward to the time.

Although it can feel difficult the first time, remember your child is in good hands!