Watch Fiona the hippo explore this pool at the Cincinnati Zoo!

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Monday, May 8, 2017
Watch Fiona the hippo explore this pool!
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The hippo was born premature at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, but now weighs over 200 pounds.

After she was born prematurely in January, Fiona the hippopotamus now weighs over 200 pounds and is mastering her porpoising abilities.

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden shared footage of the adorable hippo navigating through a pool.

"Fiona's indoor pools have been raised to 5 feet deep as the process continues to get her acclimated to deeper water," the zoo said on its website. "They walk on the bottom when submerged in water and propel themselves to the surface to take a breath. Fiona is learning how to push off the bottom to come up for air."

The zoo is looking after Fiona until she is ready to join her parents Henry and BiBi outside.