Chicago teacher spends 5 hours in airplane bathroom after testing positive for COVID during flight

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Chicago teacher spent five hours in an airplane bathroom because she tested positive for COVID 19.

Marisa Fotieo shared her story on TikTok. She said she was flying to Iceland, when her throat started to hurt. She took a self-test. It was positive.

She talked to a flight attendant and it was decided she would spend the rest of the flight in the bathroom.

But the teacher told WZZM the airline did a good job of making her as comfortable as possible.

"Their flight attendants are so positive and so kind and they just put everybody at ease the second that this happened and they put me at ease which is why I think I was so willing to stay in that bathroom," she said.

After landing, the flight attendant who helped Fotieo sent the teacher food and gifts while she was in quarantine.
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