'That looks like my family on Thanksgiving': Alligators tussle over turkey feast | VIDEO

The gators also make their NFL Thanksgiving predictions
A Florida wrangler helped his alligators to get into the Thanksgiving spirit with a turkey feast.

Michael Womer, a Florida-based performing animal wrangler known as the Gator Crusader, regularly posts footage of his alligators to social media.

He calls it "alligator enrichment," introducing something new to the reptiles to help stimulate their mind.

"That looks like my family on Thanksgiving," he jokes at one point.

Ahead of Thanksgiving, Womer 'played football' with the alligators, treated them to a turkey, and helped them make some Thanksgiving NFL predictions.

Spoiler -- the gators picked the Raiders to beat the Cowboys.

There was even arts and crafts, with alligator hand-print turkeys!

This video shows alligators performing a "death roll" while fighting for turkey. "I love my alligators like I love my own kids," Womer says on his website.

There was even an audience in the "alligator slobber splash zone."