Fox Lake shooting hits close to home for McHenry Co. deputies

FOX LAKE, Ill. (WLS) -- The shooting death of Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz hits close to home for a pair of McHenry County deputies who were shot and injured in an ambush last year, just a few miles from Fox Lake.

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After hearing another officer had been targeted, Deputy Dwight Maness said that all he wanted was to be out searching the woods and marshland for the men suspected of shooting and killing Lt. Gliniewicz.

"I felt really helpless, that I couldn't be out there and looking for the guys that did this," said Maness, who cannot walk without assistance.

He and Deputy Khalia Satkiewicz are still recovering from their own shooting less than a year ago. They said Tuesday's events brought back memories of that day.

"I was filled with grief, I was filled with a lot of emotions. I was heartbroken for his family," Satkiewicz said.

Satkiewicz's husband, an Illinois State Police officer, rushed to Fox Lake to search for the shooting suspects

"It stirred up a lot of emotions for me. I responded to it, this time I was actually able to help look for him. When Khalia and Dwight were shot, I was at my wife's side instead," said Master Sgt. Bob Satkiewicz.

While the shootings happened miles apart and both involved law enforcement, they are developing differently. Scott Peters was arrested just hours after opening fire, while the men suspected of killing Lt. Gliniewicz are still on the run.

Both deputies said closure for the lieutenant's family won't come until they are found.

Satkiewicz hopes to return to work next month; Maness hopes to return next year.

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