Gary teen girl baseball player in Calumet Region Little League has MLB dreams

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
Gary female baseball player has MLB dreams
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Caitlyn Walker is one of the best players not just on her baseball teams, but also in the Calumet Region Little League.

GARY, Ind. (WLS) -- As the only girl on her little league baseball teams, Caitlyn Walker is used to being teased by some of her teammates.

"Oh she still can't hit it out. Oh that was a bad throw, just kind nitpicking at anything they can. It's all fun," Walker said. "I have my little comeback, they still can't hit it out either."

She is one of the best players not just on her baseball teams, but also in the Calumet Region Little League.

"It is kind of funny to see some people's reactions because there are people who know," Walker said. "And then there's other people that 'Oh it's just a girl, throw it down the middle' and then I hit and their reactions are just priceless."

Walker was recently selected for the senior all-star baseball team. She will be on the only girl on the team.

Her father and coach, Gary Health Commissioner Dr. Roland Walker, introduced her to baseball when she was 4 years old.

"She used to have pink bat and pink hitting gloves and pink helmet and everybody knew her as the girl with the pink helmet," he said.

Dr. Walker is a proud girl dad and said watching his daughter literally hit it out of the park playing with the boys never gets old.

"Girls can play at the same level as boys. They have to be given the opportunity. Unfortunately what you see is year after year less girl playing baseball and for girls playing softball they shouldn't have to choose between baseball and softball," he said.

Walker also plays softball, but baseball is her passion.

"I have been playing baseball for so long. It is kind of all I know. There are people who tell me I should transfer into softball completely, but I want to stay in baseball," she said.

Walker dreams of playing baseball professionally. She is hoping to make a big impression at an upcoming MLB camp for girls.

"A lot of people say girls can't be in the MLB, but I hope to change that standards," she said.