Golden donut sparkles at Filipino food festival in Logan Square

ByLaura Podesta via WLS logo
Monday, October 3, 2016
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Cristal Golden Ube Donut

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Cristal Golden Ube Donut came in a fancy black gift box tied with a bow.

This decadent $100 donut is made out of 24-carat gold leaf, purple yams imported from the Philippines and jelly comprised of Cristal champagne. It was available in Chicago on Sunday for one day for Kultura, a Filipino American food and arts festival in Logan Square.

"For each donut, it takes a fourth of a cup of 2007 Cristal champagne, it takes 8-10 sheets of pure 24 carat gold leaf," said golden donut creator Chef Bjorn DelaCruz.

Delacruz developed the fantasy treat as a thank you for his cooks and waitstaff at his Brooklyn-based restaurant, the Manila Social Club.

"It was a celebratory dessert. I made it for New Years for the staff. I didn't think it would catch fire like this," DelaCruz said.

People took pictures of the decadent dessert.

Those who could afford the splurge said it was worth the hefty price tag.

"It was amazing. The jelly inside has a delicate sweetness, the dough is light and fluffy. And I can't believe I'm eating this right now," said Sarahlynn Pablo.