10-year-old boy spreads kindness as he waits for school bus: 'I like to make people happy'

SWANSEA, Mass. (WLS) -- Before his school day even starts, one Massachusetts boy is teaching his own lessons - of kindness.

For the past several days, 10-year-old Michael Richardson, of Swansea, has been making the most of his morning before the bus comes.

While everyone else is waking up or driving to work, Michael heads outside.

"I've been going out like right after I eat breakfast," he told WJAR.

Michael happily holds his home-made signs to send people passing by a positive message.

"To make people's day good because it's in the morning and then if you feel good in the morning, you'll probably feel good for the rest of the day," he explained.

At first, his now-regular routine was something his family didn't recognize.

"Michael waits for the bus in the morning and I'm already at school at that point, so is my husband, so either my parents are here or our neighbor," said his mom, Kelley Richardson.

But the people passing by loved every minute of it and wanted the Richardsons to know they really appreciated it.

First, it started out with him doing a few dance moves. He noticed the joy it brought others. Then, using his mom's art supplies, he made these signs of sincerity to wish others well.

"I feel happy because I see a ton of people just smile," he said.

That was the case for a stranger passing by who posted on social media about how his sign was exactly what she needed that day.

Michael was over the moon that even though traffic comes and goes, his effort stuck around for at least one person.

"I like to make people happy," he said.
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