Families impacted by police violence hold Grant Park rally urging movement supporters to vote

Kamala Harris, Lori Lightfoot, Jennifer Hudson sent recorded messages to get out the vote

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Thursday, October 29, 2020
Families who lost loved ones to police violence hold Grant Park rally
A group of famlies whose loved ones died at the hands of police officers held a rally in Grant Park to encourage people to keep up the fight for racial justice and, above all, to v

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Families impacted by police violence spoke at a Grant Park rally Thursday, urging the movement for racial justice to keep momentum and participants to make sure they vote.

"It's a beautiful feeling at a dreadful time because each one of these families brings power," said Jacob Blake Sr.

The families of Jacob Blake, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Alvin Cole, Marcellis Stinnette and others are united by their pain, but now driven by one purpose.

"Everybody came out because we're tired," said Philonise Floyd, George Floyd's brother.

"We've been protesting, we've been crying, we've been arguing, we've been in the courts, but unless we vote we will not get the change that we need," said one of Breonna Taylor's relatives.

With five days to the 2020 presidential election, these families joined together in Grant Park under a single message: Get out and vote.

"Think about your children's future, your income taxes, raising minimum wage, food stamps, Medicaid," Floyd said.

Civil Rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson and representatives Danny Davis and Bobby Rush were among a handful of politicians who joined these families and their pleas to get people to the polls.

"We must not let our voices be silent," said State Rep. Camille Lilly (D-IL 78). "The best we can do is vote."

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, and celebrities like Jennifer Hudson made remote appearances, saying they stand in solidarity with these families and their message.

"It's a blessing to come together in solidarity to fight for justice, not just for one family but all families who have lost their lives," said Taleavia Cole, Alvin Cole's sister.

"We need lawmakers that implement the laws that we need implemented, so that Black people are no longer looked at like animals," said Blake Sr.

Speakers said they hope the all the people who turned out for peaceful protests in the name of their loved ones will also take that same energy to the polls.