Why Pi Day lands on March 14 and how to celebrate with pizza deals

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Monday, March 14, 2022
Celebrating Pi Day 2022: Pizza deals, circles and math
Why is Pi Day celebrated on March 14? The owner of Mathnasium explained the math holiday that inspires pizza deals.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- March 14 is Pi Day, which celebrates circles and math.

Mathnasium helps kids learn and love math.

They joined us to talk about Pi Day and why it's important.

"It is a ratio that allows us to measure all different parts of a circle," said Jana Frank, owner. "Since circles are everywhere in our world, literally helps the world go round, this helps us understand all different parts of the universe."

To celebrate, grab your favorite pie or pizza. Just make sure it's shaped like a circle!

Plenty of pizza places and bakeries are offering deals this Pi Day. Here are a few:

Seven Eleven is offering any whole pizza for $3.14, but you have to be part of the Seven Rewards Loyalty program.

Cici's says adults can dine in at the buffet for $3.14 today.

Boston Market is offering a free chicken pot pie with the purchase of a pot pie and drink.

Prime members can get $3.14 off cherry and apple pies at Whole Foods.