Child monitored for Ebola symptoms at University of Chicago Medical Center

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A child was admitted to University of Chicago Medical Center for observation to rule out the Ebola virus early Friday morning after authorities found the patient had a fever, but no other Ebola symptoms, during a screening at O'Hare International Airport.

The child is quarantined in accordance with strict protocols as doctors observe his or her condition.

United Airlines plane flight No. 959, carrying 173 passengers, came in from London into O'Hare Friday night. On the flight was a child with a fever.

During the health screening process at customs and border patrol, officials questioned the passenger and determined the child did spend time in Sierra Leone, an area where an outbreak of Ebola has been going on since May.

"We have very strict protocol, so if you have a travel history, plus a symptom and some concern, you're going to be treated as a potential suspect for Ebola," said Lamar Hasbrouck, Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The flight landed at around 7 p.m. Friday night and although people on board were cleared, CDC experts warn Ebola symptoms appear 2 to 21 days after exposure.

The child was brought to University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital for observation and further testing.

"We don't want anything to slip through the cracks," Hasbrouck said. "We'd rather be more cautious then less until we get those lab tests back. Oftentimes, we're finding another diagnosis. We've had four patients so far that have required further evaluation. Each and every one of those tested negative for Ebola."

The hospital is an Ebola treatment facility designated by the CDC. Hospital officials have not released any information so far, but did say in a statement: "The patient has been isolated under strict quarantine protocols until the child's condition improves and a diagnosis is established."

The child is in stable condition and hospital officials say they plan to release more information to inform the public later Friday.

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