Chicago police help deliver baby after grandpa realizes mom won't make it to the hosptial

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Some Chicago police officers are making us Chicago Proud this Easter weekend, after they saved a newborn baby Sunday morning.

The officers helped the baby's mother, who was in labor, in the front seat of an SUV.

The grandfather of the newborn was hoping she would wait to make her arrival at a hospital. But while on the road, he quickly realized Baby Ava had other plans.

That's when he pulled over at the nearest police station.

"I was a nervous wreck," said the baby's grandfather, Johnny Stokes.

Stokes says he will have quite the story to share with his granddaughter about how she was born on Easter morning in the front seat of his Chevy Tahoe at a South Side police station.

"The baby was half way out, so when I got to Cottage Grove. I pulled right into the police station," Stokes said.

Several 3rd District police officers responded to his call for help for his daughter, Kaliyah Stokes.

"She was fairly calm, heavy breathing, but not hysterical, real calm," said CPD Officer Lawrence Nickerson. "We coached her through it, told her to stay calm and continue to breathe."

When officers delivered the baby girl, they had to remove the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck.

"The baby began to cry and then show sign of life," said CPD Officer Sean Hamil.

Stokes said all the officers kept their cool the whole time.

"This is a great way to start Easter. I have been position before where I had to assist giving birth, so this would be my third one," said CPD Officer Geraldine Hutchinson.

"It was more so instinctively for me to react especially seeing that, I just recently became a new mom myself so I practically knew what to expect," said Officer Tasha Flippin with the Chicago Police Department.

Now, the proud grandfather is thankful the officers were there to welcome his first grandchild into the world.

"They are the true MVPs of this. They did an excellent job. Without them I don't know what would have happened," Stokes said.

Little Ava is now doing fine, weighing in at eight pounds, two ounces.

Her mother is doing well too. Both were taken Comer Children's Hospital.
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