Hospital emergency rooms see increase in children injuries, expert says

OAK LAWN, Ill. (WLS) -- A growing number of children are facing injuries while being inside their homes, according to Dr. Raina Paul, director of pediatric emergency medicine for Advocate Children's Hospital.

"So as children are inside a lot more, and they're trying to expend their energy by not being able to go outside and play with their friends, they are certainly testing their limits," Dr. Paul said.

"They're jumping from couches, jumping from high beds, head first often into a pile of pillows, sustaining a lot of long bone fractures and breaks in their bones. We're also seeing a lot of head injuries related to this as well."

Dr. Paul also said there are laceration injuries from broken glass while running around. She suggests parents create a clear space within the home to mitigate the injuries. This includes removing any tables, stools and chairs.

Sledding injuries have risen as well, according to Dr. Paul. She suggests wearing helmets and parents to find hills that are safe for children. Parents can go during off-beat times to avoid too many people, Dr. Paul said.

Children should have active free time through learning activities including dancing or gymnastics, Dr. Paul added.
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