Houston woman wins $10K food poisoning lawsuit against Sonic, charged with insurance fraud for new claim

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Wednesday, July 24, 2019
Houston woman accused of scamming Sonic
Cassandra Brooks received a settlement after a Lake Charles Sonic burger made her sick, but her attempt to sue a Webster Sonic wasn't as successful.

HOUSTON -- A Texas woman is being charged with insurance fraud after claiming she got food poisoning from a Sonic Drive-In burger on multiple occasions.

Court documents obtained by ABC7 Chicago sister station, KTRK, said Cassandra Brooks is being charged with insurance fraud after winning a lawsuit against the burger chain and then filing a separate claim using the same pictures.

According to court documents, Brooks says she was sold a raw hamburger at a Sonic in Lake Charles, La.

Brooks provided a picture of the burger and sued the company, settling for $10,000 for lost wages, medical bills and physical stress.

According to DPS, things got shady when she claimed she received another raw burger at a Sonic in Webster, Texas.

She filed another claim.

While Brooks claimed she missed work due to the illness, investigators say that was false. They said the pictures she provided were actually pictures from the Lake Charles incident.

KTRK stopped by the Brooks' residence Tuesday night to hear her side of the story.

While her husband seemed open to talking, Brooks eventually slammed the door.

Brooks is due back in court in August.