'This is what community looks like': NC woman, Walmart donate more than $1k of food, clothes to Florence victims

GARNER, NC -- As the remnants of Hurricane Florence continue to ravage the Southeast with record-breaking rainfall, neighbors are coming together to help out others in need.

After hearing that a local shelter was in need of T-shirts and underwear for evacuees, Shelli Tench headed to the Walmart in Garner, North Carolina, which she said was the only store in the area that was open at the time.

With only $50 to spend, Tench asked the manager, Jeff Jobes, if he was able to offer a discount since she was buying items to donate.

As it turns out, Jobes was able to give her more than a discount.

"Instead, he armed me with one of his associates (Alex) and a shopping cart and told her to fill it...on him," Tench wrote on Facebook.

Tench collected more than $1,250 worth of clothing that she was able to donate to evacuees at the nearby Garner High shelter.

The next day, Jobes texted Tench to ask what else those impacted by the storm needed, which turned out to be fresh fruit, Ensure, Boost and Gatorade.

"I text the list to Jeff and his response was, 'Give me 30 minutes, then come see me,'" Tench said.

"When I got to the store, manager Jeff and his co-manager Kelly were busy pulling together the items that were requested," she continued. "They didn't donate bags of fresh fruit. They donated case after case after case after case of apples and oranges and bananas and Ensure and Boost and Gatorade and Cliff bars and pastries and bread and cookies. My van was loaded to the top."

Tench called Jobes and his staff world-changers, saying that the "outpouring of love and support" from the store was "unbelievable."

Walmart has also launched a donation drive and will match $2 for every $1 donated through Foundation for the Carolinas.

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