AG candidates begin to join race to replace Lisa Madigan

ByCraig Wall WLS logo
Tuesday, September 19, 2017
AG candidates begin to join the race to replace Lisa Madigan
Democrat Scott Drury announced Sept. 19, 2017 that he was kicking off his campaign to replace Lisa Madigan as Illinois Attorney General.

The first Democrat to declare a run for Illinois Attorney General is a name that some people may already have heard, but as a candidate for governor.

Scott Drury announced his candidacy Tuesday, stating that he decided his chances were much better running for the state's top law enforcement post instead of competing against billionaires to be governor. He is seeking to replace Lisa Madigan, who announced last week that she will not run for re-election.

As a former federal prosecutor, Drury said he believes he would be an ideal candidate for attorney general. During his announcement, he praised Madigan for her work on civil issues, but he said he would focus more on more criminal matters.

"No one, I mean no one, will be above or beyond the law, I will go where the evidence leads, whether it's the doorsteps of the big banks and the corporations, or whether it's room 200 or 300 in the State Capitol, the offices of the governor and the offices of the Illinois Speaker of the House," Drury said.

Powerful Chicago Ald. Ed Burke, whose daughter Sarah briefly considered running to replace Madigan, said Tuesday that his daughter has now decided not to run.

"I think that she has determined at this point in her family life with three little ones under eight, it simply would not be the best thing for her family," Burke said.

A spokeswoman for Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said Dart will not be running for Attorney General, citing family reasons. Dart has five children and the oldest is a junior in high school. Dart also has things he still wants to accomplish as sheriff.

State Sen. Kwame Rauol, who eyed the office four years ago, said he will announce his decision on Wednesday.

Illinois House Republican Leader Jim Durkin gave his endorsement Tuesday during a talk before the City Club to the only Republican in the race so far --- Downstate lawyer Erika Harold, who he said has the support of Gov. Bruce Rauner.

"She's been at it for about two months and I think most people, Republicans in the state have realized that organizations and groups are galvanizing behind her," Durkin said.

"I feel very good about my prospects to win the nomination and to win the general, because I will have a message focused on issues that are important to me, issues of criminal justice reform, issues of having an independent attorney general's office and so that will remain unchanged regardless of who's in the race," Harold said.

The primary election will be held March 20, 2018. The general election will be Nov. 6.