Illinois police officers help mom deliver baby on side of road

STERLING, Ill. -- Two Sterling, Illinois police officers got a once-in-a-lifetime call for service.

Officers Joshua Weber and Tabitha Justice were called into action when a 911 call came in for a mother in labor, reported WQAD.

"I don't think there's anything in my career I can compare to this," Officer Weber said.

"I knew right away, 'oh no something is urgent,'" Officer Justice added.

This call was different. The baby was coming, so the mother-to-be pulled over on the side of the road.

After the officers got that call, they didn't know exactly what they were going pull up to. All they knew was they had to get to the side road off of Route 2 as fast as they could.

"I was letting dispatch know over my radio the progress of the birth," Officer Weber said. "Within five minutes of us getting out there we had a baby."

"That's one thing I've constantly thought about was his cry and knowing he was okay," Officer Justice said.

Soon after paramedics arrived to race the mom and baby to the hospital, the officers made their way behind them to make sure they were okay.

Officer Weber now shares a not-so-typical bond with Officer Justice, but also a bond with the new baby.

"She hadn't decided what the middle name was gonna be," Officer Weber said.

The mother honored the officer by naming the baby Dominic Joshua.