Grandma fights off attacker with staple guns

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016
Woman bashes robber with stapler
A woman used staple guns to fight off a robber in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS, IN -- When a grandmother in Indiana came face to face with an armed intruder, she fought back with what she could get her hands on: staple guns.

Fearing for her safety, the 52-year-old woman identified herself only as Carol to station WXIN. She said she had just parked in her garage when she says a robber ambushed her and demanded her purse. The man pushed Carol up against a toolbox.

That's when Carol reached in the box, grabbed a staple gun and hit him with it.

He fell down, but it appeared he wanted more, and she had more staple guns.

She recalled, "I loaded up with two more in my other hand. He starts charging at me again and I said I will crush your skull in if you touch me again. It's either me fight like heck or, ya know, the bad outcome."

After the second hit, the man took off.

The theft remains under investigation.