Police: 'Lean on Me' movie star arrested with 5 lbs of pot

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Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Jermaine Hopkins
Jermaine Hopkins
images-Credit:Wake County Sheriff's Office

APEX, N.C. -- "Lean on Me" actor Jermaine Hopkins was arrested in North Carolina on Friday for possession of marijuana.

Police said the 44-year-old was speeding - going roughly 70 mph in a 55 mph zone - which caused officers to pull him over.

Once they did, they found he was carrying about 5.7 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of his car.

He was arrested and charged with possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana and felony possession of marijuana.

Police say he was also issued a speeding ticket before being released on bond.

Records show Hopkins was arrested in 2011 for buying 200 pounds of marijuana from an undercover cop.

Hopkins starred in the popular 1989 movie "Lean on Me" with Morgan Freeman and Beverly Todd. His acting credits also include "The Wayans Bros" and "The Royal Family" from the 1990s.

Perhaps he needs another meeting with Morgan Freeman?