Jesse Jackson, church leaders planning Flint water contamination march

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

FLINT, Mich. (WLS) -- Civil Rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson and some Flint, Mich., church leaders are planning a massive march in protest of the water contamination crisis. Jackson and the leaders say they have their own plan to restore clean water to the city.

The leader of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition didn't hold back his feelings about the way the people of Flint have been treated.

"An attempt to save short-term money has created a multi-billion dollar project. New pipes, a new water system. There's at one layer there's it's unethical what has happened, another level its illegal. But the third level, there's reconstruction," Jackson said.

Jackson says flint is the defining moment in urban reconstruction, in rebuilding America and putting America back to work.

The march is being planned for Friday, Feb. 19.