WATCH: Woman removed from JetBlue flight after profanity-laced rant

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Monday, February 18, 2019
Woman escorted off plane after 'viral' rant
An angry 'viral' woman was escorted off a Jet Blue flight because she didn't want to sit by a kid.

FLORIDA -- A woman told fellow passengers to make her go viral as she was kicked off a JetBlue flight.

Florida authorities say Valerie Gonzalez was upset about sitting next to a child because she had been drinking all day.

Gonzalez then got up and moved to another seat without permission from the flight crew.

That's when other passengers turned on their cellphone cameras and recorded her profanity-laced outburst.

Authorities say Gonzalez later tried to re-enter the plane and hit a JetBlue agent who tried to stop her.

She allegedly spit at airline employees and responding deputies. Gonzalez was booked on a battery charge.