Jimmy Lee Tillman, II, Candidate for U.S. Congress, 1st District

Candidate Full Name: Jimmy Lee Tillman II

Office: U.S. Congress, 1st District

Party: Republican

Email Address: letssendjimmyleetodc@gmail.com

Web Site: www.jimmylee2dcexpress.info

Survey Questions (Character limit of 2,000 per response)

1. Please tell us about yourself, your background and why you believe you are qualified to hold this office.

My name is Jimmy Lee Tillman, II. To qualify to run for the U.S. House of Representatives you must be at least 25 years old, a citizen for seven years, and a resident of the state which you are seeking office. I am all of the above. I am the son of Dr. Jimmy Lee Tillman, II and former alderman Dorothy Tillman, father of three, an alumnus of Central State University.

2. What are your thoughts on President Obama's plan for military action in Iraq and Syria?

To date the US has launched air strikes against the rebels in Syria and I stand by the president's decision.

3. Several major retailers recently disclosed they experienced data breaches. What can Congress do to help prevent this?

Congress should not add another level of bureaucracy. I feel that States should keep their ability to enforce the law regarding disclosure.

4. Can the budget deficit be controlled only by spending cuts or does the federal government need to raise more revenue? If you favor more revenue, should there be a general tax hike?

There could be a significant reduction in spending if government would consider closing underutilized military bases and government offices; revisit our contracts with private military companies; identify and eliminate duplication and waste in all government agencies. No there should be no general tax hike.

5. What are your thoughts on immigration reform?

I find some problems with U.S. immigration policies like the unequal treatments of Haitians who attempt to immigrate to our country and are turned away at the border ; to our college graduates who have to compete with foreign students who overstay their visas and are grappling with the burden of student loans; to formerly incarcerated mothers unable to get a job housekeeping because employers are hiring undocumented workers; and parents sending their children unaccompanied to our border we need to take a holistic look at our immigration policies and come up with reforms that will not hurt Americans and will help our country to continue to be the Great Melting Pot.

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